Thursday, July 02, 2009

Apparently, Wolverine really is the "best he is, at what he does."

So, when I mention to my friends that I have collected X-Men comic books since I was in 5th grade, they generally respond with some variation of "that's nice." Or, rather, "that's not very interesting."

But, when I then go on to suggest that they should start reading X-Men comic books themselves, they usually point out that the X-Universe is an impenetrable web of interchangeable characters whose names and relationships with each other are impossible for a new reader to follow ...much less care about.

Fair enough.

That's why, while I'm off vacationing in Hawaii, I suggest that you all get up to speed on your Who's Who in the X-Universe by reviewing this X-Men Universe Relationship Map which layout all the dirty details as who's done what with who in the greater X-Men Universe...

...there, that should clean things up for you quickly. Any questions? Sadly, I can't claim to have created that mini-masterpiece, and it was instead created by the helpful people over at, who not only created it but have a zoom-able and explorable version of it here (Check it out! But, also be warned it takes a minute to load).

If that all seems like too much for you, maybe you can just start out with their Summer's Family Tree which charts all of Cyclop's family. See, much easier.

OK, I'm off to Hawaii! Study up while I'm gone. There will be a quiz when I get back. Aloha!

(Special thanks to Jon Quixote for pointing out the X-Men Relationship Chart.)

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chriscla said...

Very similar to the famous San Francisco hacker chart which charts who hooked up with on IRC.

Have a good vacation.