Thursday, January 07, 2010

Link-O-Rama: 1/7

A run down of the sites and videos that have caught my attention in the last week or so:

I've seen this sort of thing several times before, but this is probably the most sublime and elaborate video of this type I've come across yet. Basically, the artist (in this case DeePee Studios) takes an extended exposure image of themselves moving a glow stick. This allows the glowstick to essentially draw in the air. Then, they repeat this process something like 18 million times, to create glowing 3D animations. If you haven't scene this sort of thing before, you are in for a treat...

As the guy says on the Drawn blog entry I spotted this on: "I swear animators are the most obsessive people around…. they really make every one else look like they have no attention span whatsoever."

Also snagged from Drawn...

Since I don't have cable these days, I haven't watched MTV in literally years. That said, I love this little bumper clips featuring wonderfully designed little technicolored monsters:

MTV Summer 06-07 from Anthony Burns on Vimeo.

And, and finally, a quick reminder of your place in the universe...

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