Monday, January 23, 2006

The New Map

After talking to the girl at STA Travel, and rethinking things a bit, this is the latest map that Sarah and I have designed.

(click to enlarge)

this map includes:
About a month travelling between Boliva and Peru.
A week in Buenos Aires.
2 weeks in South Africa.
2 weeks in Kenya.
A week in Cairo.
A month in southern Europe.
A month in India.
A month in Southeast Asia.
And a month in Australi and New Zealand.

Also, over the weekend, Sarah and I bought a bunch of old travel books to help make plans. And, Hallie just posted her pictures from South America. Take a look.

EDIT: I also just stumbled across this RTW blog. It's got a whole wealth of informaton, including a very detailed price breakdown of expenses for every city she visited. Plus a photo gallery, and even a gallery or her sketches. ...I should really remember to bring a sketchbook.

EDIT V. 2.0: I just stumbled across this website, that details a couples 3 year trip through a HUGE number of countries. It's got tons of information, including a by country budget for every nation they visited. Which is really interesting.

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