Tuesday, March 28, 2006

But, who pays the other half?

My brother gave me the heads up on this movie, which is a new classic of Ninja Cinema: A Ninja Pays Half My Rent. Definitely worth watching.

Actually my brother (aka Gypsy Rockstar) has been pointing out a lot of cool stuff to me recently, including this artist: Wesley Burt. Very cool stuff.

In addition, just a quick reminder that this weekend is the Emerald City Comic Con... so be there, or be square. Unless, of course, you're these guys...

...then you're just screwed regardless.

EDIT: While backtracking to find the picture of the Comic Con people, I noticed the responses on this old entry... six responses from "Rod" and one from "Rachel" all telling me that they "stumbled across my blog and really liked it" and suggesting that I check out their blog about hunting supplies. Now, I know those posts are all automated spam, but part of me likes to pretend that posting a picture of fans dressed as superheroes would provoke a veritable army of Rod's to step forward and suggest I buy a rifle.

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