Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NEW COMIC (singular): 10.04.06

I figured, since I’m about to go buy a bunch of new comics, I might as well review the one I picked up last week. Sadly, it was a bit underwhelming.

X-men: Phoenix: Warsong #3 - So, for the record, while the title contains the X-men, it apparently doesn't really have anything to do with the Phoenix. Instead, it’s more of an origin story for the Stepford Cuckoos. But, I guess that X-men: Stepford Cuckoos: Warsong didn't have quite the same ring.

To the write’rs credit, I'm glad to see him not only addressing the Stepford Cuckoos as characters, but also dusting off another idea introduced during Morrison's run: The World. Unfortunately, with both the Cuckoos and the World, I don't think that he quite hits the tone right. And both go from being madcap ideas that Morrison created to being something a little more mundane. Still, I'm glad to see someone acknowledging some of Morrison's creations, as opposed to just brushing them under the carpet, like most Marvel creators seem happy to do these days.

But, sadly this story is sort of a mess. By tying the Stepford Cuckoos to the Phoenix Force tangentially, and by tying them also to the World (which is in turn tied to Weapon X); the writer is coming horribly close to tying the Phoenix Force to Weapon X. Both Weapon X and the Phoenix Force are horribly convoluted, continuity messes, so we are risking seeing a perfect storm of impenetrable continuity. And that would be a scary thing indeed.

But this? This is just sort of slightly interesting, and poorly drawn.

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